Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ballet, Girl Scouts, and Parent-Teacher Conference

WHY am I dreading today?!  I don't have to practice plies or tendues in front of a ballet teacher, I don't have to interact with lots of girls I don't know and try to roller skate, and I'm not on review at Parent-Teacher conferences (or maybe I am, who knows what teachers think of us parents when our child doesn't measure up in some way).  So why am I dreading this evening's activities so much??

Today is going to be one of those days that cannot end soon enough.  I worked Sunday-Monday-Tuesday this week, but am still tired.  I slept all day yesterday, then while my daughter was at church, I went running (happily was able to do 6 miles) and then to my friend Maryanne's to do a load of laundry.

I love hanging out with Maryanne.  She has been my friend longer than just about anyone else.  But....she has three wild, crazy, amazing little boys (ages 1 through 4 - I know, I've told her a hundred times she's nuts).  So it's kind of like taking a shift when I go over there.  I don't mind, I love the kids and am happy to help her out, but I went home super exhausted and crashed with my daughter at 9pm.

I slept til 4am.  What an awful time of day.  No one should be up at 4am.  Not even people working the night shift.  That should be mandatory nap-time.  However, I was, and stayed up until I had to get my daughter ready for school.  This morning was a little rough.  I almost lost it when she threw a fit about brushing her teeth.  Why does she throw a fit about this?!  I never let her skip brushing her teeth! Breathe..........

I planned to run as soon as she was off to school,  but was too tired.  I was just gonna take a short nap, only thirty minutes or so to recharge my mood and body...two and  a half hours later....I got back out of bed.  I finally worked up the motivation to run, though it was extremely difficult.  The run was hard right from the start, and my body refused to run any further at about mile 2.  I walked dejectedly back home and got ready to pick up Scarlett.  The kids are out two hours early today.

Now we have two hours before we have to start rushing around like crazy, going to ballet, then Girl Scouts, then Parent-Teacher conference where I have to browse the book fair and pick up her fundraiser order, then deliver orders to work and her dad before the frozen stuff spoils.  Sigh.  

It's only 2pm and I can't wait for the day to be over.  Thank goodness I only have 1 child.  One child who is amazing and deserves everything in the world - which is why I will kill myself running around for her.  Just hope I remember to breathe....and hope I'm not too tired to enjoy my Ace Pear later. :) 


Sunday, October 23, 2011

5K Today!

Evidently, Sunday will be my day to post about running.  Since last Sunday, I have been babying my sore knee, running only twice and waiting with bated breath to fully test it out today at the First Annual Bill Cross Back Snack Back Pack 5K Pack n Snack run.  Or whatever it was called.

(Image from

Again, it was an amazing day for running and racing.  I headed out to the event with my favorite running people, Nate and Ellis Graybill.  My goal was to run the 3.1 miles in under 24 minutes.  Thanks to a fairly flat course, which started and finished at Zona Rosa (near Bravo and Build-A-Bear), I beat that time goal by more than minute.  I ran it in 22:16, my fastest 5K ever, and I won my age group.  Which meant a gold medal!  Yeah, it was just gold colored and had a kooky design on it, but hey, a gold medal is a gold medal.  Nate also received the gold medal in his age group, running an amazing time of 20:00, and Ellis earned the silver in his age group, finishing in 21 minutes and some change.  It was a good boost of confidence for us!  I don't usually beat anyone when I run!

Best of all, the knee feels great.  No pain, no issues.  Still anxious about my first long run which  I hope to do this week.  Next month I have my sights set on the Pilgrim Pacer, the Gobbler Grind and the Turkey Trot. Who comes up with these names?  I love it!